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Alpen Software offers a wide variety of IT Services and solutions to its customers. Depending on our customers needs, we offer these services individually or bundled as a complete solution packages.

Individual service offerings include:

Systems Analysis and Design Lifecycle
Behind every successful implementation of software systems, there lies a rigorous practice known as the “Systems Analysis and Design Lifecycle, or SASD.” The set of documents that are published during SASD become the blueprint for the application or system. When it comes to designing new systems from the ground up or enhancing existing systems, Alpen Software is committed to following the strict rules and guidelines mandated by this discipline. (More...)

Software Application Development
Imagine an Internet-based software system custom designed to meet your specific business requirements...an application that reflects the processes and workflow of your day to day operations. Known as system or software applications development, Alpen Software's team of engineers build systems that conform to precise specifications as described in the Systems Analysis and Design Lifecycle.

Voice Application Design & Development
The integration of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Text to Speech (TTS) technologies within new or existing systems and services is rapidly becoming a requirement for businesses. The transmission of mission critical information via wireless phone systems has now become an inexpensive and viable solution for companies that need to connect their mobile clients to the Internet. Known as VoiceXML, this new Internet based technology interfaces with existing telephony infrastructures to provide rich voice interfaces for the mobile professional requiring to conduct business over the Internet...simply using their cell phone devices. (More...)Alpen Software's team of professionals understand design and development strategies required of this technology and furthermore, understand the obstacles and pitfalls that must be avoided when developing voice enabled applications. (More...)

Systems Integration
Systems Integration is the discipline of providing and ensuring cohesive information interchange across disparate software and hardware systems. It can be thought of as a bridging and synchronizing mechanism... the "glue" that combines individual software components so that they work together or form a whole. Case in point: Single point of entry. One obvious tell-tale sign that strongly indicates a need for properly integrated systems is redundant data entry. Does the same information need to be keyed multiple times in order to have all aspects of the business functioning properly? If so, this implies there are multiple database systems that simply do not communicate with each other. They all require to have the same data stored within their structure, and the only way to get it there is to have someone key it into each system! This typically happens to businesses that buy software components gradually over time and from different vendors. Alpen Software understands the complexities of integration. By utilizing many of the latest Internet standards for information interchange, we help companies improve efficiency by creating cohesive systems built on top of their existing software products.

Data Transformation Processes
We have learned that in today's distributed computing environment, implementing three key data layers are required for successful communication between systems and services: Data Transformation, Data Standardization, and Data Integration.

  • Data Transformation Transformation is about data exchange. In its truest sense, data transformation implies that information is "altered" in such a way that we may extract meaning from it...to make it comprehensible. For software systems, this implies that information must be made to "look different" to each unique system in order to be recognized by those systems.
  • Data Standardization The key to the successful data transformation is adhering to the Open Standards Process. Utilizing industry accepted schemas and DTD's will ease process of information interchange across diverse systems due to the recognizable semantic nature of the many industry specific vocabularies available. (More...)
  • Data Integration The notion if data integration simply implies transforming that information into a format most suitable for a given system to import it. Many mechanisms data integration are available. They include:
    • Bi-directional data integration between XML, databases and text formats.
    • Integration from or to other formats such as HTML, XHTML, WML, EDI
    • Hierarchical data integration between database and XML

Alpen Software applies these three layers into every solution to create seamless, stream-lined processes and data flows between a businesses software systems and services.

XML Schema Design
Whether your company is involved in B2B e-commerce or require methodologies for data interchange, XML Schema is now the proven vehicle for delivery. This is because of its capability to validate XML documents...by specifying structure and applying constraints. The XML Schema specification achieved W3C Recommendation status on May 2, 2001. (More...)

Alpen Software's engineers are well versed in XML Schema and provide such services as:

    • Analyze business process models, then design supporting data models using XML Schema structures.
    • Model information from diverse sources and convert to XML Schema.
    • Convert relational data models to hierarchical models utilizing XML Schemas element/attribute declarations and complex data type definitions.
    • Incorporate constraints based on business rules.
    • Extend specifications utilizing XML Schema namespaces.

User Documentation
There must be well written documentation to support every deployed system or service...information at the users fingertips that is easy to access, read and understand. Alpen Software's document authors create both hard and soft-copy documentation to support all aspects of the product or service we deliver.

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