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Alpen Software's Product offerings include:

Internet Data Exchange (IDX) for the Real Estate industry has been in effect for some time now. By utilizing a web browser, customers link to a Real Estate Broker's web site and enter selection criteria to search for properties being sold. The key with IDX is that for the most part, all properties within the entire MLS are available at the Broker's web site for searching and viewing.

Alpen Software has taken IDX one step further with the introduction of VoiceIDX, the industries first "interactive voice response application" for Web based property searches. Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and their customers can now search for real estate simply by using their phone! Any phone works; wireless or wireline, cordless or corded! Once registered as a member of VoiceIDX, the journey for searching real estate properties on the Web by simply using a phone, begins!

Fundamental to the system is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. Everyone has used IVR in some capacty or another. For instance, when calling your bank for an account status, any time you are required to follow a "menu-tree" for navigation, IVR technology is being applied. However, traditional IVR platforms have remained complex and isolated from open standards, VoiceXML, the Web based open standard for IVR has changed all of this. VoiceXML has extended the HTTP gateway from the browser to the phone!

NordicSkiZone On-Line Training Journal
This "first of its kind" outdoor adventure product provide a venue for Nordic skiers to accurately record the trails they ski.

To accomplish this, capabilities must include:

  • On the fly creation and saving of customized trails
  • Ability to record all ski outings
  • Provide graphical performance charts
    • Kilometer Distance Chart
    • Vertical Gain Chart
  • Provide Topographic views and Elevation profiles of trails and trail systems
  • Overlay trails on maps
  • Display distances with positive/negative elevation gain

Features include:

  • Journal: Calendar based interface allowing the recording of trails
  • K-CLub: Graphic of members progress throughout the season.
  • Calculator: Quick survey of trail segment distances. You cannot journalize the results from the calculator function.
  • Build Trail: Create your own trail by clicking though trail segments on the map provided. Upon saving a trail, you can then enter add the trail to your training journal.
  • Add Misc Km: This option simply lets you add a "bulk" number of kilometers into the system. It is mostly used if you are just starting to use this system and need to add all Km that you have done to date, or if you skied another Cross Country center and wish to include those distances in your journal. Note you *must* create a journal entry in order for these miscellaneous trails to register in the K-CLub!
  • My Trails: Displays a list of all trails you have created. These trails can be added to your training journal.
  • Shared Trails: Displays a list of all trails members have created and "shared" for Nordic Ski Zone members to use or view. These trails can be added to your training journal.
  • Member List: Displays list of current Nordic Ski Zone members.
  • View Maps: Provides a sub-menu of various trails and trail profiles.

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